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Humanity is exploring the stars, and found a never-seen before planet, with all manner of odd creatures on it. So what do you do? Get in a hazmat suit and blow them up!

Enter a roguelike with procedural levels and stackable powerups. No run is quite the same, no build plays exactly the same.

You may not succeed at first, but keep trying, experiment with different styles, and push ever onwards.

This game was created as an entry for Ludum Dare 47, and it was made in under 72 hours. The LDJam page can be found here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/47/battle-of-neptune

Key Features

  • A roguelike & bullet-hell experience developed by the folks behind Triple Laser Death March, Cub Valley, and more.
  • Variety of fully stackable powerups to create crazy weapon builds.
  • Cast of enemies with unique behaviors, forcing you to adapt, and creating new gameplay opportunities.
  • Destructible terrain: punch through cover, or hide behind some -- but keep moving!
  • Powerful, juicy gameplay, with sounds and visuals that pack a punch, just like what you're used to from us.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsArcade, Bullet Hell, Ludum Dare 47, Roguelike, Top-Down, Top down shooter


Battle of Neptune (v1) - Windows 29 MB

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