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Loot calls from the bottom of the sea

You're a viking ... looting and pilfering at the bottom of the sea! Why? Doesn't matter, just get cracking!

Ugly fishy monsters will try to stop you, but a good smack from your axe should solve that problem. Grab the gold and get out - leave nothing behind.

This game is an entry for Ludum Dare 43, made by a team of two in 72 hours.

How to Play

- Move with the WASD or arrow keys.
- Left-click to attack with your axe.
- Right-click to throw gold. This costs gold!

- Gather as much gold as you can. But beware: carrying all that gold makes you slow.
- Greed must be managed -- sacrifices must be made.
- Gold is your health, score, a weapon, and a burden. Manage it well - run out and you lose.


Mika Molenkamp: Programming, audio implementation, additional art

Sam Minh Ly: Level design, balancing, artwork

freesound.com & bfxr for sound effects

'SF Proverbial Gothic' by ShyFonts Foundry (shyfoundry.com)

'Telegrama' by YO Fonts (yoworks.com)


Bloodgold - Windows 23 MB

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