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One more story before bedtime...

In a far-away land, magical creatures roam the lands and the woods. Many dangers lurk in the unexplored wilderness after dark. So what happens when one day, four cubs lose their way and are forced to work together to make it back home?


  • Gripping story about four creatures getting to know each other
  • Deep combat system that encourages strategical play
  • Replayability owing to various tactics you can use to defeat your opponents


  • Each turn, you can select up to two of any element. (Each of the four cubs represents one element.)
  • All combinations of elements make up moves
  • Press ENTER (or gamepad A) to confirm your move
  • Press BACKSPACE or ESC (or gamepad B) to remove one queued element


Cub Valley 29 MB
Cub Valley (v2, softlock fix) 29 MB

Install instructions

v1 is the original Jam version.

v2 fixes a softlock problem where sometimes you can't progress past the first combat dialogue.


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Thanks for the game :)