A downloadable game for Windows

Dash the Lunatic is on a snacking spree!

Main Features

  • Explore an open environment in search of food and stuff to break.
  • Find Mr. Jerry Can to power your rocket ship and return home!
  • Break basically everything that isn't nailed to the wall.
  • Solve physics puzzles! Yep, gravity still works.
  • Roll a bowling strike.

How to play

Mouse is required. Keyboard optional.

  • Left-click and hold to roll Dash around.
  • Right-click to pick up or drop items (highlighted with a yellow glow).
  • Spacebar OR double-click to jump.

Find the jerrycan, and bring it back to the rocket ship in the garden.


  • Mika Molenkamp: Programming, audio, UI
  • Jorrit Neslo: Environment art, character art
  • Sam Minh Ly: Level design, system design, balancing

Music is "White Garage" by Macro, licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Sound effects taken from freesound.org and zapsplat.com. Licensed under CC0 or ZapSplat Standard License. Font is "Komika Hand" by Apostrophic Labs. Licensed under Apostrophic Labs License.


Raccoon From The Moon! - 1.1 35 MB
Raccoon From The Moon!- OLD 1.0 35 MB

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