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From the LootLads team comes a tower defense & economy manager with a twist!

The dark rift looms before you, promising boundless energies, in exchange for the low, low price of your entire world. You don't want that. You just want one part of the deal.


Siphon the energies of the Nine Layers of Hell - but beware, the further you tap into its power, the stronger its grasp...

Strategize and experiment! In all levels, there are multiple ways to set up your buildings.

Multiple levels available for replayability and increased difficulty.


  • Protect your siphons. The Siphons provide you with Infernite, which you can use to create buildings.
  • Create defenses to stop the Corruption from spreading to your Siphons. Build up your walls and hunker down.
  • Power your defenses by placing Generators, which create Energy, and build cables to transport the Energy to your buildings.
  • Upgrade your buildings: if you have enough Infernite, you can click on them and click the Upgrade button to increase their effectiveness (for Towers and Walls) or their Energy output (for Generators).
  • Keep the Corruption at bay until you reach the Ninth Layer and extract all of its virtues.


Try to experiment! But if you're having trouble:

  • Walls greatly slow the spread of Corruption through them. Place them at your front lines, such as near the Portal.
  • Pulsar Towers remove Corruption in an area, and are most effective when they cover lots of tiles.
  • Solar Towers target only one tile at a time, which makes them very good to place near choke points, or across chasms.
  • Remember to upgrade your buildings (click on them), to improve their efficiency or Energy output.

Advanced tips:

  • Generators also work like Cables, in that they allow Energy to pass through them in all directions. You can use this to save space.
  • In a pinch, you can Deconstruct buildins (click on them) to receive some Infernite back. You could use this to move your buildings backwards, for example.


  • Jorrit Neslo - environment art, UI art
  • Sam Minh Ly - level design, balancing, visual effects
  • Mika Molenkamp - programming, audio & UI implementation

Fonts used: Zebulon, Spaceline, Sansation (1001freefonts.com)

Music and sounds from opengameart.org (Beeping Bobbing, Humming Beetle, Electrosteel, Blind Shift) and freesound.com.


Scython 1.1 38 MB
Scython (1.0 - old version) 38 MB

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