LD40 Results & Postjam Version

Hey all!

The 40th Ludum Dare has officially ended, and the results are in. Thanks to your ratings, The Floor Is Lava has been placed

  • 32nd best in the Fun category (out of 2892 submissions),
  • 82nd best overall

I couldn't be happier with these results; thanks to everyone who voted on LD games for making this happen.

After the conclusion of the compo, I have been gathering feedback and ideas. Some awesome things were mentioned in comments and streams. I've been working hard on improving the game, and I think it's almost ready to be released. Check the trailer video attached to this post!

The POSTJAM version will be available soon. The changelog is massive, but here are some of the most-requested features that have been addressed:

  • Online leaderboard!
  • New blocks: bumpers and indestructible tiles to help shake things up.
  • Background music
  • Buffs to all powerups: more power to you!
  • Rebalancing map generation: more crazy!
  • Tons of graphical changes, optimizations, audio improvements, and more.


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