Release Notes - 3.0.0

Here we go!

And it's all done! Version 3.0.0 is set to release in a few hours. Included is a bunch of new features, and tons of improvements on all areas. I hope you like it!

By all means, let me know if there's something you think needs to be addressed, or if you have any other suggestions to improve the game further.

Thank you all for your support so far.


New features:

  • Online leaderboard has been added.
  • Bumper blocks and indestructible blocks have been added.
  • A tutorial mode has been added.


  • Camera zooms out much further to give you a better overview.
  • Mine hitbox has been shrunk so that it now only covers the mine itself (that's about 60% smaller).
  • Laser powerup now grants 5 laser shots. Ammo counter changes to show number of lasers left instead of normal bullets.
  • Lasers now move with the player during their short active period. If you're quick, you can sweep half the map with one shot.
  • Rapidfire powerup lasts a tiny bit longer.
  • Bullet movement speed is increased.
  • Ammo recharge times have been slightly reduced.
  • Blocks broken by boulders and lasers now also give points, but do not grant powerups.
  • Picking up a powerup now replaces any old one, instead of discarding the new one. This is better in line with player expectations.
  • Score and power gain/loss balance has been reworked.


  • The player color has been changed to cyan (consistency: red is bad, blue is good)
  • Screen shake is now applied when hitting a bomb.
  • Impact effects have been revamped. More particles!
  • Rendering performance improvements, perhaps prep for mobile port(s).
  • Camera perspective changed to orthographic, I feel it fits better.


  • Dynamic background music has been added. High power level adds more instruments to the song.
  • The player firing sound set has been replaced.
  • Pitch variation has been slightly increased.
  • Added variations on the explosion sound.

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