Release Notes - 3.2.0

We're FINALLY here! I know it took me ages but this update is massive!

The game is now also available on Steam! Get it here:

New Features

  • Powerup stacking: most powerups can now be combined. Rapidfire + Laser? Yep.
  • Two new powerups: Explosive Shots and Wideshot
  • Controller rumble: for that extra little bit of juiciness (Windows only for now)
  • Strong block: A new block that takes two shots to be destroyed
  • 'Ending' sequence: A secret waits beyond 5,000 meters deep.
  • HUD improvements: All active powerups are now shown on-screen, along with time or shots remaining

Gameplay Changes

  • The distance at which the mine warning icons start to appear has been slightly increased
  • The spawn frequency of mines and powerups has been rebalanced. The deeper you go, the bigger the threat.
  • Your score and health is now reset after the tutorial ends, in the interest of fairness
  • The friction values on the comet have been tweaked slightly

Graphical Improvements

  • The score counter now flashes in your chosen accent color when your PB is broken
  • Add some decorations to either side of the playing field. Their shapes change!
  • Explosion particles look a bit better
  • Slightly decreased the depth requirement between background color changes
  • Minor rendering optimizations

QoL Improvements

  • You can now restart the game from the pause menu
  • You can now skip the final score counting animation. Also, said animation has been juiced up a bunch.
  • You can now also fire shots by using the left or right triggers on a gamepad (bumpers still work)
  • You can now change the window resolution and general quality in the options menu
  • You can now enable or disable postprocessing (bloom and temporal anti-aliasing) in the options menu
  • A bunch of under-the-hood changes have been made in preparation for a Steam release

Audio Changes

  • The low-pass filter when taking damage has been made slightly longer and more impactful

Interface Changes

  • Game-over panel: Now shows random tips for the game if you didn't break your PB
  • Title screen: Visual improvements, and the leaderboard menu is now merged with the main menu.
  • Title screen: For first time players, the game will now ask if they want to play the tutorial first
  • Leaderboard: Now shows your PB along with the leaderboard entries
  • Leaderboard: Now allows you to browse multiple pages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed slowmotion interfering with game pause
  • Fixed mines still being able to hit the player for a tiny window, even after something else set them off (bullet, etc.)
  • Fixed occasional desync error between the two music tracks (percussion vs. powered)
  • Fixed tutorial back walls not being colored properly
  • Fixed occasional click noise when starting up the game
  • Fixed being unable to safely pass through a 1-block-wide corridor, if a mine is on the side (though it still requires skill!)
  • Fixed several cases of losing controller input focus in the menu screens
  • Fixed the level seed never being regenerated when starting a new game. Uhh, whoops.
  • Fixed mouse not being constrained to the game window
  • Fixed mouse cursor not being hidden during the game itself
  • Fixed a rounding error when saving local PB (the score sent to the server could be off by 1 point)

HOTFIX 3.2.1:

  • The leaderboard display should now properly render Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean characters, as well as most emoji glyphs.
  • Fixed the leaderboard occasionally showing a wrong number of pages.
  • Fixed various minor leaderboard display issues.


Windows (64-bits) 66 MB
Version 3.2.1 Feb 13, 2019
Windows (32-bits) 63 MB
Version 3.2.1 Feb 13, 2019
Linux (Universal) 83 MB
Version 3.2.1 Feb 13, 2019
OSX (Universal) 68 MB
Version 3.2.1 Feb 13, 2019

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