Release Notes - 3.1.0

New Features:

  • Added a depth meter and changing background color to help convey progress
  • Increased difficulty over time - more mines appear the further down you go
  • Added a statistics screen where you can view some of your overall records
  • Added the ability to select an accent color: personalize a bit!
  • Score multiplier is now displayed on-screen
  • Improved leaderboard that also shows depth reached

Graphical Improvements:

  • Added some postprocessing effects (bloom in particular) for some extra flair
  • Added a new font used for most numbers throughout the game
  • Rapidfire now gives bullets random colors
  • Rendering optimizations

Gameplay Changes:

  • Shield no longer counts as a new powerup, so getting a shield won't clear your powerup anymore.
  • Revamped the score counting system: good playing now awards bonus score
  • Game now temporarily slows down when getting hit by a mine, to give more recovery time
  • Background music volume now lags behind the power level a bit

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix being able to trigger two bumpers at once, resulting in a massive speed boost
  • Fix boulders sometimes ignoring mines
  • Fix controllers not working correctly in the main menu

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